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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
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07 / 04 / 2007
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Pais: Unknown or LAN
@ CCSakuweb:

Thank you very much for your lovely words! ~^.^~

The character's name is Trixie and she is the mascot of an english site, thus there exists more than just one image with this girl, displaying her in different situations and holidays.^^
24 / 12 / 2011 13 : 58 Offline Viviane


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23 / 08 / 2006
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Pais: Unknown or LAN

Hello Viviane, This pic is really funny. I love the pumpkin from her hand.

This character is your favourite right? What is her name?

Thank you for comming back ^^

Enjoy in the website and please participate in the sompetitions and events, or show us your art.

02 / 11 / 2011 09 : 13 Offline CCSakuweb ccsakuweb at

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